Home Moves Made Easy

Metro Atlanta’s highest referred movers are here to help! Here’s a few ways to keep your move as simple as possible:

Introduce the kids and pets separately to your new home. At least aim for drive through in the neighborhood.

-Have family over AFTER you’re settled in. Pro tip: ask family or close friends for a week of space starting on move day.

Invite family over first. Friends will come and go but family won’t. They’ll always have ties to you, show them your appreciation by inviting them over to see your new place.

-Hire professionally trained movers to speed up your settling in process. Ditch the rental fees, hassling to get vehicles back by a certain time. Ask for a flat moving rate, you’ll thank us later.

-Meet new neighbors, teachers and HOA members in advance. Waiting until the last minute can be too stressful. Let people know who you are so you’ll be in the loop.

Pack a day-of move cooler. Snacks, easy meals, drinks, water and a little caffeine can do wonders. Check out our Pinterest board for quick meal tips.


Why Your Employees Shouldn’t Move Your Office

Upgrading or downgrading to a new place isn’t always a welcomed task. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Marietta has a few tips to keep the peace while relocating offices:

  1. Only ask your employees to pack their desk items. Push them to use packing paper and tape or wrap boxes securely.
  2. Neighbors and friends should not touch your equipment or desks. Friends do not come with insurance policies. People do weird things, are accident prone and will surprise you in stressful situations.
  3. Technology, your boss’ favorite desk, conference tables and large furniture pieces are tricky to move. Leave the hard work to the professionals at TWO MEN Marietta.
  4. Padding, wrapping and securing items for transit should be taken seriously. Your employees are just looking to see the rest of their weekend or work day away from the rental. Let TWO MEN Marietta do the heavy lifting.
  5. Opt for the biggest transit insurance. Accidents happen while unpacking, packing and moving. Our movers are consistently trained to insure the safety of your items. Don;t trust anyone less than a licensed, bonded, insured and trained moving professional.

Packing Supplies: Best of the Best

Arguably the biggest battle while moving is finding the right packing supplies. Good news- TWO MEN Marietta can smooth out your packing issues! We’ve got 2 locations in Woodstock and Marietta with a plethora of packing supplies to choose from. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Lamp boxes– seems odd until you move yourself and break your partner’s favorite lamp base.
  2. Dish pack– the most beautiful piece of cardboard your china, glasses and dinnerware have ever seen! Trusting your dishes without packing paper, proper boxing and unprofessionally trained movers might cause headache later.
  3. Packing paper- using newspaper or those mailbox ads that always become coasters means you’ll be washing them again later. Pro tip: use clean, fresh paper while wrapping dishes.
  4. Small box- not everything will fit in here. Best used to pack books, trinkets (if wrapped), clothing and do-dads.ย 
  5. Medium box- heavy items on the bottom, y’all! Make sure to tape both the bottom and top flaps.
  6. Large box- heavy items rarely belong here. Use these boxes with caution if moving yourself, only pack a box you can lift up a flight of stairs.
  7. Appliance box- dishwashers, small appliances and counter pieces you’d like to avoid cleaning post-move are great for this box!
  8. Tape- packing tape is your best friend. Instead of using cumbersome duck tape, aim grab some packing tape to keep your boxed things safe.ย 
  9. Art box- oil paintings, your favorite toddler’s newest drawing or commissioned work needs to be padded correctly in transit. Use art boxes to enjoy your favorite artwork in your new home.
  10. Pads and straps- complementary when your family books a move with TWO MEN Marietta! Our movers are trained to keep all pieces as tightly packed as possible. We’re happy to unload your rental or personal vehicles but will not pack a non-authorized TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Marietta vehicle due to safety reasons.

How to Create the Best Room in the World

Time, what a precious resource. With school starting in less than 48 hours for most of Cobb and Cherokee county, there’s not much time left to redecorate for fall! Pumpkin Spice Latte season is fast approaching. Make the most of your redecoration plans with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Marietta.

  • Ready to get you new furniture in your home? Don’t wait the 1-2 weeks for store delivery. Save money and get settled in faster with TWO MEN Marietta’s same-day delivery.
  • Need a new mattress like yesterday? Purchase it today and hire TWO MEN Marietta to bring it by your home for better rest tonight! You’ll save so much on delivery fees those new linens you’ve been itching to buy totally feasible.
  • Do you shutter at the thought of touching your washer/dryer lines? Our movers can unhook and re-hook water and electric lines. Problem solved!
  • Not sure what to do with your old appliances once the new ones are delivered? Hire TWO MEN Marietta to take unwanted appliances to the dump. Rather recycle? We can do that. Pro tip: donate gently used appliances to your favorite or vetted charities.
  • Ready to get your junk out before the new pieces come into your home? We can help!
  • In-store pick-up has never been easier! Avoid rental hassles by using TWO MEN Marietta during your next purchase.

TWO MEN Marietta/Woodstock can help your family have the space to relax. Trust us to move your family forward!


Packing, A Necessary Evil

Oh the joys of moving! TWO MEN Marietta probably sounds like a broken record about packing before your move day, but trust us your family will thank you later. If you’ve ever moved or known someone who’s moved recently they’ll probably tell you about all their new grey hairs. Avoid the bulk of moving issues by packing like a pro:

Heavy stuff at the bottom of a small box. Yes, small. As small as possible.

-Books always go in small boxes. Can you imagine all the adventure and knowledge in your favorite books not making it to your new home? Accidents happen. Avoid them by packing books in smaller boxes.

-If you can’t lift it, don’t put it in a box. Stipulation 1- if you can’t walk up a flight of stairs with it, let the professionals do it. Stipulation 2- if you didn’t hire a professional, do so immediately.

-Buy packing supplies in bulk. Even if you only need 10 boxes, that can change once you visit your attic/basement/spare room. Old containers are not meant to travel. Please don’t push your boxes

-Have professionals pack for you. Save time, energy and effort by finishing off the dirty laundry while TWO MEN Marietta packs!

-Don’t forget to label your boxes. Each room can be represented by a different color sticker. Make sure to give the movers a floor plan with your sticky code so everything ends up in the right place. If you’re more of a writer, sharpies are highly recommended.

Recycle your extra supplies. Moving boxes can be used for a ridiculous amount of things. Extra storage, mailing purposes, hiding places, care packages for veterans, DIY projects and all sorts of other things. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas!

How To Channel Your Inner Realtor During Open House

If you’ve had your eye on a few brick homes, chances are you saw an open house sign up recently. Instead of going absentmindedly think of this open house as your opportunity for greatness. Seems odd? Only if owning your dream home seems like a bad idea. Check out TWO MEN Marietta’s take on open houses.

-Stay at least 30 minutes. Even if you hate the home, figure out if the neighborhood or surrounding town is a good fit.

Walk through separately (if attending with a group). Discuss your likes and dislikes on the walk/ride back.

-See if you click with the real estate agent. People are different. If you’re planning on buying or leasing, make sure you contribute to someone who’s advice you can trust. Each realtor broker has multiple agents. The person you meet doesn’t have to be your point person for the home.

-Research the neighborhood by asking current residents. This can be tricky if you’re more introverted. Never fear, the internet is here! Do your due diligence as much as possible online then set a goal and make it happen.

Have better ways to attend open house? Let us know in the comments section.


When Is The Best Time To Move?

TWO MEN Marietta knows how hard moving can be. Ever wondered if the best time to relocate matches up with when you need to move? We’ve got a few tips on how to make this happen:

-Get your packing done 2-4 days before move day.

-Plan your move 5 days to a week before closing/your lease is up

-Have a backup plan for closing day. By this we mean, already have an Air B&B account listed or possible tenant if closing doesn’t work out.

-Move during the week. Specifically, Monday or Tuesday. Moving during a less-trafficked weekday can be super helpful for finalizing utilities, work projects you’ve been avoiding since before move day or finding time to grocery shop.

-Get rid of all hording evidence 1-2 weeks prior to move day. Talk about getting that extra weight off your shoulders! Whether you’re moving around Atlanta or to another state, weed out what you don’t need first.

Truthfully, your best move is your most planned out move. Leaving everything to chance isn’t as carefree as it seems. Stay tuned for more ways to get the most out of moving!