Fall Wedding Preparation: Moving In Together

If you’ve got a fall wedding coming up soon, family and friends are probably eager to give you unwanted advice. Take it in stride. One thing that always helps to have in your corner are plans with your fiance. Planning with or without outside help can be taxing. Throw in a new home and you’ve got a world of potential problems. TWO MEN Marietta can help, here’s how:

Decide what stays or goes together. Trust us, communication is key. Our movers are happy to take donations, junk or recyclable items where you’d like at your convenience.

Pull your resources together in advance. Figure out which pieces you need help moving. Savings can help if you’re both wanting to relax on move day.

Ask for a flat rate. Living together already or not can be expensive. Make sure you both know what you’re getting into before costs sneak up.

Have food handy. Move day will be a whirlwind of events. If you both have a lot of stuff, make sure everyone has food. Hunger turns attitudes sour, fast.

Use TWO MEN Marietta for in-store pickup. Little things matter. Enjoy being engaged together instead of hassling around a loading dock in the middle of the Georgia heat.

Take a walk around your neighborhood before the movers arrive. Get those buns moving for a little extra endorphins! Stroll together and dream a little bit.

Schedule mandatory treat time. Pro tip: leave your new home for this one.

Adventure together and find local trails/parks. Before your move (and after!) finding time to explore can work wonders. A little bit of fresh air can help relax you both from a busy week.

Hire TWO MEN Marietta to pack, pad and wrap your belongings. Keep your favorite items safe by using professionally trained, licensed, bonded and insured movers.


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