How To Make The Biggest Impact On Your Kids

Our little angels look up to us even when we’re not the best role models. Unconditional love can be seem few places better than in the eyes of a child. Continue to develop their kindness, community mindset and sharing potential by giving back together. TWO MEN Marietta has a few ways you can leave a lasting impression on you child:

Volunteer at all kinds of places. Weekends, holidays and off-time can be spent in perspective. We all need an attitude check every now and then. Get your humility on together.

Donate! Easiest way to reach out to others is through donations. Giving your unused presents, duplicate items or outgrown belongings can help a family in need. Not sure where to start? Check out our vetted list of community partners.

Give back to college students. This might seem unconventional, but adult children don’t have it all figured out either. Talk to your local high school and alumni base to see how you can help KSU, Georgia Highlands, Chattahoochee Tech, Reinhardt and other local college students.

Ask to help with Keep Cobb/Kennesaw/Marietta/Acworth/Woodstock/Canton Beautiful campaigns. Your neighbors work tirelessly to help build a better foundation for younger generations. Keep up the hard work together!

Start a workplace recycling effort. Small or large recycling makes a difference.

Volunteer with TWO MEN Marietta. We’re always looking to give back. Let’s work together to make a difference in our Cobb and Cherokee communities.

Our staff loves getting involved in community projects and meeting needs. If your family has a favorite non-profit let us know in the comment section. TWO MEN Marietta is excited to give back together!


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