Ultimate Guide to Storage

Moving? We got this. Eliminate a large piece of relocation anxiety with these simple steps:

  1. Figure out what you don’t need before packing. Donate, recycle or take to the dump unless you absolutely need it at your new place.
  2. Let TWO MEN Marietta get rid of your unwanted items. We’re happy to help recycle, take items to your favorite charity or bring heavily used items to the dump at your convenience.
  3.  Fire up that grill one last time. Moving into storage gets hectic. Relax a little outdoors with your grill and loved ones before schedules gets intense. Please remember to unhook gas lines before asking professional movers to take your grill anywhere.
  4. Choose a storage facility you trust. 24/7 access seems awesome but also eerie. By using TWO MEN Marietta storage your items can be access by appointment or drop in, whichever works better for your schedule.
  5. Get a professional opinion on the right size unit. Our move consultants and on-site estimators have the knowledge and tools to best guide your storage journey.

TWO MEN Marietta has small, medium and large indoor storage available. Having more room has never been easier with TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Marietta’s help!


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